In this period there were 18000 workers hired by HPR in Katowice while Krakow branch was employing 4500 people. This accounted for 25% of the crew working for the whole HPR. During this 10-year period the company was constantly suffering from the lack of employees who were necessary to carry out repairs not only in Lenin Steelwork but in the whole metallurgic industry which was being modernized at that time. The lack of staff was even more noticeable because, in order to maximize manufacturing of metallurgic products, aggregates were working at their full capacity and were therefore excessively exploited. As a result, HPR in Krakow made a decision to employ the youth from the whole country. In 1973 the 17-4 Voluntary Labor Corps was established. It grouped from 320 to 400 young workers who were doing military service at the same time.