The Repairs Unit in Lenin Steelworks in Krakow was established on 1 January 1962 and was subject to the Metallurgical Reconditioning Company (HPR) in Katowice. The unit was brought to life by a regulation of 16 October and 20 November 1961 signed by the Minister of Heavy Industry and the Chief Executive of Iron and Steel Metallurgy Union. In fact, two different departments of Lenin Steelworks laid the groundwork for the Repairs Unit. These were: the By-Production Unit and the Metallurgic Furnace Repair Unit. The time between 1962 and 1968 was a period of rapid organizational expansion in terms of the services provided as well as hired staff: at the moment of setting up, there were 780 workers in the Repairs Unit. In 1968 it could boast of having 4000 people. Employing a crew of 4000 workers was by all means quite a challenge. At that time the constitution guaranteed the policy of maintaining 100% employment even if work efficiency was low. Therefore, hiring a few thousand workers required a lot of creativity.