laboratorium 1Welding laboratory of HPR Joint Stock Company is a testing laboratory which was granted approval confirmed by the certificate of Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection no. LB-190/12 and no. LBU-190/12 based on the standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025. The quality policy has been defined in the Quality Book of Welding Laboratory HPR Joint Stock Company The mission of Welding Laboratory Joint Stock Company in Cracow is carrying out the research on non-destructive and destructive testing in order to meet the customers' expectations in compliance with the requirements of good practice. Our aim is to:

  • conduct and control the quality tests of products in accordance with the state norms and European standards,
  • increase permanently the level of testing in order to constantly advocate the trust of customers,
  • increase permanently in the qualification level of the Laboratory personnel,
  • maintain impartiality and reliability in the result valuation and also no commitment of the Laboratory personnel to the activity which may disturb the Customer trust in the results of the rendered services.

The Policy and the defined aims, we realize by monitoring and improving the Quality System compliant with the requirements of the standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The Personnel of Laboratory Joint Stock Company is acquainted with the Quality Policy and obeys the documentation of the Quality System at their work. The management of the Laboratory claims to maintain the compliance of the Quality System with the requirements of the standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, defined by the Quality Policy and the fixed strategic goals. In the laboratory, there is the personnel employed that has many years practice and graduated from specialist trainings what is confirmed by the competence certificates compliant with PN-EN 473, in industrial sectors:

  • metal manufacturing and processing,
  • prior-operating and operating tests on devices, installations and constructions.

We have huge experience in tests on steel elements such as steam, water and fired boilers, steam and water heat exchangers, tanks, crane elements, overhead travelling cranes, hoisting winches, movable platforms etc.

The Range of Services:


  • tension testing,
  • bending testing,
  • impact resistance testing,
  • hardness measurement,
  • microscope testing.


  • magnetic-powder testing MT,
  • penetration testing PTx ray radiography and Isotope testing RT,
  • ultrasound testing UT,
  • visual testing VT,
  • thickness measurement,
  • ovalisation and shade measurement,
  • length and angle measurement.

The laboratory carries out a range of research in the field of certificating the welding technology. The laboratory is equipped with specialist testing devices and takes advantage of the newest technology achievements.

Our strengths are:

  • many years practice and high qualifications of the testing personnel confirmed by the competence certificates in accordance with PN-EN 473 of testing personnel,
  • modern testing devices taking advantage of the newest technologies,
  • carrying out tests at the home office and outside the laboratory,
  • carrying out tests on the objects at the stage of production and operation,
  • availability.

Our main aim is to meet expectations combined with a high technical level of tests.