We Offer To Our Customers

zakres usług 1The following scope of services:

  • Construction and general repairs-revamping of blast furnaces.
  • Construction, revamping and repairs of the steam boilers and power boilers.
  • Revamping and repairs of the converters.
  • Repairs of the waste-heat boilers.
  • Re-building and repairs of the shaft furnaces, pusher furnaces and rotary furnaces.
  • Repairs of the liquid pig-iron mixers.
  • Repairs of the devices designed for material handling, discharging and transportation.
  • Multi-branch and complex civil and erection works, including construction, revamping and repairs of the following special items:
    - erection of the constructional elements of industrial objects,
    - preassembly and installation of the industrial machines and devices,
    - erection of the power devices and installations,
    - ceramic (refractory) including furnace lining and stack lining,
    - electric installations,
    - general civil constructions such as: repairs of the roof covering, among the others EKODECK system,
    - antirust protection of the steel structures and industrial installations.
  • Workshop prefabrication of the following:
    - prefabrication and mechanical working of the high-pressure parts of the boilers,
    - steel structures,
    - bending of the elbows made of the tubes, diameter up to 323 mm.
  • Engineering services, quality control as well as process and welding supervision.
  • Research services made by II Stage Welding Laboratory for:
    - radiographic examination, X-ray examination and isotopic examination,
    - ultrasound examination,
    - magnetic particle examination,
    - penetration examination.
  • Process engineering plans and works organization plans.

We execute civil and erection works – depending on a wish of the Customer – basing on our own materials or using materials supplied by the Purchaser. We are very flexible if it goes about the price level.