The direct technical supervision over the execution of the works is effected by highly-qualified managers of the works and works specialists. The Welding Department ensures welding technology and supervision over execution of welding works in accordance with the specified requirements. The quality requirements are verified by the Quality Control Department and by the Welding Laboratory, which is certified UDT to the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

HPR S.A. has the following supervision licences:

  • nr UC-12-42-N/3-04 of 13 Aug 2004 for repairs of:
    - steam boilers
    - water boilers
    - fixed pressure tanks
    - no- and low-pressure tanks for caustic or poisonous materials
    - transfer and process pipelines
  • no UC-12-42-E/3-04 of 13 Aug 2004 for manufacturing elements of pressure and no-pressure devices,
  • no UD-12-42-W/1-04 of 13 Aug 2004 for manufacturing transfer pipelines,
  • no UD-12-42-P/1-04 of 13 Aug 2004 for modernisation of steam and water boilers, pressure tanks, transfer and process pipelines
  • no UD-12-41-N/1-96 of 06 May 1996 for repairs of overhead cranes, cranes, tractors and movable platforms

and the HPR companies have been certified by TÜV to be capable of correct production, assembly and repair of:

  • pressure parts
  • steel constructions

We have also the Qualification Certificate no 50/216/XI/2017, qualifying HPR S.A., HPR ZRM Sp. z o.o, HPR ZPS Sp. z o.o. to Group 1 of Large Companies, which authorises for conducting welding works in the scope of workmanship, assembly and repairs of steel structures in classes 1, 2 and 3 in accordance with the PN-M-69008 standard, and steel building structures with a view on the requirements of the PN-B-06200 standard, in particular repairs of machines and devices for metallurgy, executed of constructional common steels, low-alloy steels with increased strength, high-alloy steels, in the following welding methods:

  • arc welding with shielded electrodes (111)
  • gas-shielded arc welding with the MAG (135) and TIG (141) methods
  • welding with flux-cored wire (136)

HPR S.A. has also license for examining welders