About Us

o firmie 1The tradition and experience of HPR date back to early 1960s, when the Krakow-based Steel Plant Repair Company was established. As a result of transformations, in accordance with the restructuring and privatisation programme for Hutnicze Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowe in Krakow, HPR ZPS Sp. z o.o. was established in 1992 and HPR ZRM Sp. z o.o., as well as HPR S.A. in Krakow in 1996. The HPR companies started their activities within the holding structure in 2001. The parent company managing the holding is HPR S.A. in Krakow, which is he dominant entity. The total equity of the Capital Group is over PLN 20 000 000.
Hutnicze Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowe in Krakow was operating as a commercial organisation under the following names:

Oddział Remontowy Hutniczego Przedsiębiorstwa Remontowego w Katowicach przy Hucie im. Lenina: since 1962.
Zakład Remontów Hutniczych Hutniczego Przedsiębiorstwa Remontowego: since 1969.
Zakład nr 3 Hutniczego Przedsiębiorstwa Remontowego: since 1977.
Hutnicze Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowe w Krakowie: since 1991.
Holding Hutniczych Przedsiębiorstw Remontowych w Krakowie: since 1992.
Grupa Kapitałowa - HPR S.A. Hutniczych Przedsiębiorstw Remontowych w Krakowie: since 2001.

The resulting HPR Joint Stock Company and its subcontracting field units gathered the best teams of professionals in supervision and managing groups from among the personnel of the former Steel Plant Repair Company.

Our experienced and qualified engineering and technical personnel won experience in domestic and international construction projects. We have been participating in execution of all iron blast furnaces major and modernisation repairs in the domestic steel plant industry. Special attention shall be paid to the major and modernisation repair for the Iron Blast Furnace No 5 in the T. Sendzimir Steel Plant in Krakow ( now ArcelorMittal Poland SA Unit in Krakow ) completed in 1996 in record time of almost 9 months. During repair work, about 20,000 m3 of reinforced concrete, concrete and brickwork structures were demolished and restored, and about 13,000 t of steel structures and equipment were dismantled and installed. Success of this work came, among others, from execution of work according to the unique technology developed by HPR S.A. Its essence was to prefabricate and join elements of the structure off the iron blast furnace area and their final assembly in large-size, 70-t items, with one of the largest cranes in Europe (500 Mg load capacity).