The year 1989 in Poland is definitely a symbol of censorship in the rules of economic activity. Free market began to develop, competition in construction and assembly field was growing while the rules of new economy started to determine actions taken by still state-governed but soon-to-be independent company. The number of employees was limited to 2700. Such a significant reduction was carried out through updating economic relations. Services such as using worker’s hostels and transport to work were charged since then. These new technological and organizational conditions enabled 300 remaining workers to improve their performance; they managed to sell more services than a crew of 4000 people in the past. Working conditions were highly improved. This was a consequence of, for instance, shutdown of an open-hearth steel mill, dismantling of some agglomeration belts and other objects. What is more, in 1990 Lenin Steelworks was renamed Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks. Restructuring and new organization of Krakow HPR introduced in 1991 made most of its workers shareholders in the corporate stock of the employee-owned company.